You Are What You Eat: Dr. Christian Durepos’ Truthful Testimonial

May 23, 2017
I would recommend to anyone who is looking to eat healthier to strongly consider a short ride down Sandy Falls Road to meet the friendly, family run business of Mattagami Heights. I, for one, do not regret hooking up with Noëlla Farrell several years ago. Noëlla has not only become a friend but and integral component of my healthy eating.
As a physician, I tell clients: “You are the fuel you put in”. Food source is important to me. How that product reaches me, also matters to me. I know with Mattagami Heights that I am getting a high-quality beef product that is, local, grass-fed, without pesticides, herbicides, antibiotic-free, and growth-hormone-free. The beef is not fattened by corn or barley or other grains. The protein is lean, clean and devoid of unnecessary fat. It also tastes damn good. I cannot return to eating steaks marbled with fat or ground beef from an unknown source, with unknown farming practices.
This testimonial will matter to individuals that are sensitive to grains and gluten, as well as those wanting to eat healthier. To community-minded individuals, shopping locally at Mattagami Heights will also matter to you. Lastly, as a global community, we need to drift away from highly boxed and canned foods and revert back to simpler, healthier times of building a relationship with local food sources.
Maybe it is time to slow down the pace, have slow-cooked meals, and maybe go shake the hands of a local food source supplier. I am sure glad to have shaken hands with Noëlla several years ago. In fact, I still shake her hand every 6 months since.
Here’s to healthy handshakes and healthier eating!
Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Christian Durepos

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