Memoirs of the Farmer’s Daughter; Finding My Way Back to the Farm.

May 4, 2017
Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m the farmer’s daughter. I’ve been using this new fangled technology to help my folks give a voice to the farm. Unofficially, I’ve become somewhat of a narrator for Mattagami Heights Farm as we’ve embarked on this journey to build a name for the family farm.
That’s me pictured above with my proud Dad and my prized calf Betsy, at the Fall Fair. I adored and cared for that calf when she was born many years ago. Born by emergency c-section, when Betsy’s mother awoke from the procedure she didn’t recognize her calf as her own and as a result Betsy almost died. I remember cuddling Betsy the night she was born to keep her warm, and with my own mother’s gentle guidance I bottle fed her every day until she grew to be strong enough to join the herd. Looking back I see this was an amazing lesson in compassion and responsibility, knowing that our constant care could keep Betsy alive. People often tell me how lucky I am to have grown up on the farm. Though there were times in the fog of my teens and my early 20’s that I lost sight of that. Before I had “wheels”, I road my bike. If I had a Fitbit strapped to me back then I tell you……. The neighbourhood kids we’re zoned in a 5 km radius, and there was no pickin’ and choosin’ friends – you just got along with everyone. After the long journey down the dirt road you were just grateful to see another human being. Thus was my introduction to “Networking 101”.
The rows upon rows of hay bails, well that was my main stage. I would leap around singing show tunes from Les Miz, Cats and The Phantom. After show tunes I sang the entire Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill album. Atop those rows of hay bails I invented Parkour.
When friends came over “The Bails” were great for king of the castle, and there was always a whole lotta’ drama. In one particular episode of De-grassy, The Birthday Party Episode I’ll call it, my rambunctious dog set the scene for a memorable ending. That dog loved to wrestle, with me in particular, unwillingly. To onlookers the site of Buddy tossing me around like a rag doll and tugging at every piece of my winter clothes, (my long hat, my mittens on a string, the scruff of my neck, etc.) well that must have been hilarious. I have vivid memories of my party guests chanting “It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to” from atop the hay bails while chaos ensued on the ground floor between ol’ Buddy and me. This anarchy of course prompted me to leave the set in order to make immediate travel arrangements for my party goer’s. It went something along the lines of: “Hello Mrs.Cindy? Come get your kid. She’s officially ready for pick up” With this memory I’m reminded of a few things.. #1. My pal Buddy was a good ol’ dog #2. A severe meltdown will put an end to any party no matter how old you are Lastly, #3. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. With that I will tell you that becoming the narrator for Mattagami Heights Farm has allowed me to reflect on so many wonderful memories. Beyond that nostalgia, I am also thrilled about the future of farming. As Newbie Media Marketing & Design helps us capture the essence of the farm through our website, we’ve realized that we had so much more to gain from the building experience than we ever imagined. It has brought us to new levels of awareness far beyond sales or marketing. The truth is I was SUPER lucky to grow up on a farm! I believe it made me the woman I am today.
This year our goal to make our farm more recognizable in the community has left me feeling inspired & proud of my parents for going the extra mile, humbled by the hard work of my ancestors and fiercely committed to the sustainability and legacy of Mattagami Heights Farm. When reading this note I hope I sparked some of your own fond memories of times spent on a farm. If I’ve shared this to your personal page, it’s because you’re a part of my farm memories and I know you have a story to tell. Please pass on the memories and add your own farm memory to the comments section below or simply share story/lesson/inside joke of any farm, 4H Club or Fall Fair for that matter. As always, Mattagami Heights Farm welcomes you back to the farm. Come visit with us and create new memories, but stay the hell off our hay bails

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